Welcome to our website! Our group is part of the Neuro-oncology Research Group (NRG) in the Department of Neurosurgery at the Cancer Center Amsterdam (Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc). Our interest is focused on understanding how genes transcribed by RNA Polymerase III are (mis)regulated in cancer cells, particularly tRNA genes in glioblastoma. Our goal is to understand how differential regulation of these genes promotes proliferation and/or oppose cell differentiation and how to interfere with these processes to impair cancer cell survival or proliferation. We combine fundamental research in cell and molecular biology coupled with advanced screening technologies to uncover the functions of these small non-coding genes with the aim to translate this knowledge into future clinical applications. More info



Chantal's manuscript on the development of ALL-tRNAseq for the robust profiling of tRNA expression in tissue samples is online on the Genes & Development website! Congrats to Chantal!


Welcome to Maurice and Trisha who joined us for their master and bachelor internship respectively.


Welcome to Fraser Johnson! Fraser joins the group as a Post-doc to work on the development of a screening procedure to identify oncogenic RAS inhibitors.


We received a KWF (Dutch Cancer Society) grant for our project 'Finding the key to inactivate oncogenic RAS mutants'! More info


Our project 'Precision targeting of aminoacyl-tRNA-synthetase in cancer' is among the 9 projects funded by the Cancer Center Amsterdam Foundation! 

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